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TIP Limousine Service was founded by Tom Toomey, of Ottawa, in the summer of 1990. Through his work at numerous events around Ottawa as a professional photographer, Mr. Toomey had seen many disappointed and frustrated clients, most noticeably brides and grooms, as a result of poor service by the limousine company. Deciding that he could offer the best and most courteous service, often times in tandem with the photography, Mr. Toomey began offering the service to his clients.

TIP Limousine Service is committed to serving your needs in the best way we know how and in the way you would expect a limousine service to be run. That means clean, comfortable, well-maintained cars and courteous, neatly dressed, clean chauffeurs. Our limousine service is not a glorified taxi service.

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Summer 1990
  TIP Limousine Service formed as a brokerage firm;
1988 Cadillac Fleetwood used for all drives;
March 1, 1991
  Purchased first white super-stretch Lincoln;
registered TIP Limousine Service as a business
April 1992   Purchased second white super-stretch Lincoln;
November 1992   Expanded fleet with black corporate-stretch Cadillac
October 1993   Purchased silver super-stretch Cadillac
May 1995   Purchased white super-stretch Lincoln
November 1995
  Expanded fleet to include new white 120" Ultra-stretch Lincoln;
became one of the largest fleets in Ottawa;
  Sold black limousine and three old-style white limousines to upgrade;
Traded Cadillac sedan for new-style Lincoln sedan;
purchased another ultra-stretch limousine and a new 6-passenger platinum Cadillac super-stretch;
  Sold last old super-stretch;
Moved complete operations to new heated facilities which houses entire fleet and offices;
November 1997   Arrival of new-style black Lincoln Town Car sedan;
October 2000   Purchased new black Lincoln Executive Sedan;
January 2001   Purchased new 120" white Lincoln ultra-stretch;
May 2002   Purchased another new 120" white Lincoln ultra-stretch;
2006   Purchased new black Lincoln ultra-stretch;
January 2010   Sold white Lincoln ultra-stretch;
March 2010   Purchased new white Lincoln ultra-stretch;

In 1997, Mr. Toomey co-founded the non-profit Ottawa Carleton Limousine Association (OCLA), of which he is now President. The OCLA was formed in order for the licensed limousine companies of Ottawa to have a voice when issues needed discussing with the city and other organizations.

Currently, the company remains focused on bringing the best guest service from inquiry to booking, pick-up to drop-off. With four immaculate vehicles to serve you, TIP Limousine Service really is your best way to Travel in Prestige.

Cancellations, No-Shows and Extra Fees

Event or Service Non-Refundable Cancellation Fee
Any and All Services
No-Shows full deposit
cancellation 6 hours or less full charges apply
cancellation prior to 6 hours $50
cancellation prior to 3 months credited toward future services
cancellation within 3 months $100
Proms (Graduations)
cancellation prior to 2 months credited toward future services
cancellation within 2 months $100
All Other Services and Events
cancellation prior to 1 week $50
cancellation within 1 week full deposit
¹ Airport Service is based on 1.5 hours from plane arrival

Additional Charges Apply to:

  • All non-airport Pick-Ups and Drop-Offs between 2:00am and 6:00am
  • Ottawa Airport Pick-Ups between 12:30am and 6:00am
  • Out-of-town Travel Pick-Ups between 1:00am and 6:00am
  • Additional Pick-Up or Drop-Off locations (airport services only)
  • Airport delays (plane and/or baggage delays)
  • Refreshments (weddings include one complimentary beverage)

Other Policies

  • SMOKING IS STRICTLY PROHIBITED AT ALL TIMES: Violation will mean an automatic $100 charge.
  • No alcoholic beverages will be served to minors
  • No alcohol will be permitted on prom nights regardless of age of customers
  • Any damage by customer (or members of customer's party) to car(s) (exterior/interior) will be charged to customer
  • Any major cleaning (spillage/sickness) will be charged to customer
  • Removal or breakage of any glassware will be charged to customer
  • Extra time fees and all additional charges will be applied to your credit card
  • Prices are subject to change without notice (excludes services where deposits have been made)
  • Gratuities will be added to the base prices

Fuel Surcharge

  • A fuel surcharge could be added to all base prices when gas prices increase. For weddings, the fuel surcharge will be divided in half. We reserve the right to add a fuel surcharge whenever necessary.

Taxes and HST

  • All prices are subject to the HST

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